City Birdie – a poem in Lemmontage


City birdie

you have such fun

Flitting, twitting in the morning sun

You splish you splash all a flutter

Playing in the cobbled gutter

I watch you from my comfy bed

I love to feed you doughy bread

Happily you madly hop about

You bathe under a water spout

I’m happy to see you day in, day out

But you are trouble without a doubt

And even though I am bemused

Your antics make me tres confused

City bird you build your home

A bit of string, a dirty comb

A used rubber, a filthy sock

Maybe even a piece of rock

Birdie would I have you as a pet?

Is this something I would regret?

Even though your sweet peep, peep

Would comfort me to deep, deep sleep

Should I share my bed with a city bird?

Should I have a pet way less absurd?

‘though it may poop on the floor,

A cuddly doggie I could adore

We’d pack a bag and leave the core

Visit the mountains and the shore

We’d cozy together in a little tent

Not huddle by a noisy in-take vent

And if a robber did b. n. e.

Doggie would protect wee me

Doggie would attack and bite

Not just shit, then take flight

Doggie I can walk to keep us in shape

Birdie needs no mutual escape

Birdie needs to spread its wings

Doggie looks to me for things

Birdie I love you go your indie way

But you use the street as your dinner tray

And though doggie’s only words are arf, arf, arf

Doggie does not feed its kids puked up hobo barf.

So as I end my juxtapose

I’m reminded of a pretty rose

Its lovely scent will make you quiver

Its thorn leaves a painful sliver

So you fly away, you who is in control

I give up on your cursed indie soul

Life is much more than squawking from a tree

I need Doggie cuz Doggie needs me

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