Ok. Banana Chocolate muffin gone stale?

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The bin (not been)

Welcome to the city of broken chairs …

where, when you look long enough, you just never know what you might think

Spending time in the bin

Anyway … The last of my banana chocolate muffins got a bit stale after two weeks. Son Alex bought them in bulk at Costco. Love the BCM’s. Down to the last one. Took it on a bike ride with me but couldn’t really eat it out there on the road cuz, well,  the muffin was just a tad too dry.  When I got home I still had that BCM (no way I was throwing it out. ) … so I got to thinking … yup, you guessed it. I put the BCM in a bowl and poured vanilla flavoured almond milk over it and ate the entire business with a spoon. Delicious. So, no wasted BCM and no messy fingers to wipe on my pants. You just gotta love this life! Just gotta!

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