181025 weeping in church

October 25, 2018

… weeping in church.

I go to church as many chances as I get. I welcome discussion of The Bible, the chance to pray with others – anything to be in worship and fellowship. I have come to understand that without fellowship, I sink into despair. Do you have this need as well?  It was a hard lesson to learn. Yes, I understand that God is with me always. God is fellowship. …

Last Wednesday, I met with a Christian friend and she discussed aspects of her life. Rejoice. She is an amazing Christian. Someone I respect. We will continue to discuss her ambitions for her faith and that she wants to spread the Word.

Thursday evening, I went to a men’s dinner at an Anglican church. We discussed who our heros are. Also, I attended a newcomers’ discussion group. We discussed contemporary church services.  Friday evening, I went to a community church worship service. At the service was prayer and singing – I love to sing. When I sing, I feel most connected to God. Part of that includes feeling connected to the people who are singing around me. Often when I first start singing, worshiping, during a service, I find myself weeping … often the word “wonderful” triggers me to weep. “Wonderful” fills me with warmth. Another weeping-trigger is the lyric, “sweet lamb of God”. Oh, so good. Joy. What lyrics cause you to automatically weep?

Saturday morning was a men’s breakfast at a community church. The guest speaker was from a group called, Voice of the Martyrs. I often wonder how people can travel so far to help others and at the same time others who are closeby are neglected. Canada spends $5 billion a year on International Aid (this is good, of course) and Canadian Indigenous People live in squalor. What do you think about this?

Saturday evening was a prayer service, Sunday morning was church, and also Sunday evening. Sunday evening. Sunday evening sermon. Sunday evening. Sunday evening sermon I felt I was there when Jesus performed the miracle without being in the presence of the wealthy man’s son. Such a wonderful feeling to be there. Have you been there at any of  Jesus’ miracles? It is that every day, when I get on the transit, I see the miracle of the love everyone has for each other, how everyone knows we are all in this wonderfulness of God together and we are all thankful for each other. Do you see what God intends you to see every day around you? Do you look?

I made the realization that in the vastness of possibility, it was possible that Jesus had performed healing miracles … what is significant is that last year I was only in the realm of impossibilities, that there is no way to prove wonderful Jesus’ miracles happened, therefore they could not have happened, could not be true … now it is that Jesus’ miracles happened if for no other reason than in the vast realm of possibilities the miracles must have happened, it can not be proved that they did not happen, are true …of course, it’s more than that … all this is being who I am. In the infinite that is also God, all that is good is possible. In vastness of God’s love, do you feel His embrace?

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