IMG_0025 (1)DSC02176 guy on bus 130604

guy gets on the bus the other morning

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 09.51.12DSC03576 guy thru window

guy through the window

Work is the important outcome. An image is an element in my work process. An important element that was missing from working with still images (Street Photography, alter_flaneur) was an aspect of my Motion Picture Editing Work Process – exhausting all possibilities. The photograph as a completed work was unsatisfactory; it had not been explored enough to be satisfactory. Reducing (and deconstructing) the image to a set of lines and then rebuilding (reconstructing) the image enables me to ‘draw’ on the ideas discovered while spending many more hours with the image. It may well be that the original image could be enough on its own (satisfactory to everyone) but without further exploration (juxtaposing the original with the original worked on longer) through the extended workflow afforded by technology, this might never be known. What is happening within this process is that within the image new details (new connections, ideas) emerge. These new details were not necessarily part of the impetus to acquire the image, certainly not as obvious as ‘the guy’. Foveal vision, dead centre vision in focus (4% of the total vision) and the rest of our vision quickly become peripheral,  plays its part. The main impetus for acquiring the image is clear. The details are there but are part of a peripheral that could be revealed as contributing to the initial impetus.  Another way of demonstrating this will be ‘edit’ some of the details and see if the image remains as ‘strong’. For example, in ‘guy on bus’, what happens when the cell phone is removed from the left foreground. Does this make ‘the guy’ less of what he is in the acquired image? (More later)

People recognize good work and in there is that people recognize effort (as an important element within a good work). This is no secret: the more time you spend with something, the more satisfying the outcome is to everyone.

BTW:  (construction/ deconstruction is a codec)

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