IMG_0530WestJet offers what is seems is a fair offer to Nova Scotia cycling team that WestJet bumped from a flight. Personal beliefs clash with company beliefs? Judas Cow.

The spokesperson  “says WestJet believes the compensation it has offered is fair” … though in legal terms a corporation is identified as a person, at issue here is that “WestJet” is not a person, WestJet is not something that forms thoughts and speaks. It is people working for the company that do that. The spokesperson is coming from a position that the offer of compensation is fair based on costs to WestJet. The point is, would the person, Lauren Stewart, believe that the offer was fair to her?  I doubt that. I doubt that a person would believe that the $1500 compensation for two days lost time X (number of people affected) X (factor for others affected directly or indirectly by the flight bumps) is sufficient.

This is the problem of employees. Employees are required by their employers to act as though they honestly believe that the company is correct when in fact personally they do not believe in what the company is doing. The Judas Cow … the lead cow, the cow the other cows follow … into the slaughter house. Employees whose job is it is to convince consumers that their company, for example, WestJet, is being fair when in fact the company is not, are Judas Cows.

Chew on this.

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